2024 Newest Sex Dolls

162cm (5.31ft) Realistic Big Tits Sex Doll for Men Priscilla

Excellent seller. Wonderful realization. I ‘ve been extremely satisfied with my doll purchases from this site, but its the exceptional customer service that really makes the whole process so rewarding.

165cm (5.41ft) Lifelike BigTits Sweet Girl Sex Doll Agemi

I like the fun I have with the doll. When you want you can insert a vibrator egg or rod in the doll. A little USB heat rod is also useful. I put on clothes – better protection for the skin when store it back because the doll is heavy.

Busty Sex Dolls 2024

156cm (5.12ft) Big Breasts Adult Size Blonde Sex Doll Daphne

This is my second full doll purchase from the seller and is an exceptional addition. A very nice doll, it has good fine details, very good quality! Well done for the quality of manufacture, the prices and the seriousness, the best seller I’ve had to date.

155cm (5.09ft) Big Breasts Super Sexy Silicone Love Doll Mabel

A great and quality product from a fine company. I decided to get the articulated fingers and am sooo glad I did (I HIGHLY recommend this upgrade). Shipping was very fast (for sea shipping) and she arrived in great condition.

Adult Love Dolls for Sale

168cm (5.51ft) Big Tits Slender Lady Love Doll Marlene

This is my third doll from the site and she is beautiful. I am not disappointed. I highly recommend the shrugging shoulders option. It provides a much greater range of motion, so the shoulders are less likely to be in an awkward (and likely uncomfortable) position and allows you to draw your doll in closer and more comfortably.

166cm (5.45ft) Big Boobs Real Love Doll Kamila

She’s great, and worth the wait. But also, adding detachable legs is a customization option they have, so feel free to look around for other doll kinds you may fancy more, and just customize them.

Best TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls in 2024

173cm (5.68ft) Big Breasts Realistic Sex Doll RD230573 Roberta HR8

The doll recommend by my friend, it is really very good. I am very satisfied, especially the skin is very soft. The price is really very cheap, also no taxes to Germany, I think this is why many people recommend to buy dolls here.

173cm (5.68ft) Big Chest Lifelike Love DollRD230572 Olivia HR8

A very beautiful and high quality doll full of details, at a reasonable price. I have been buying from this store for a long time, everything to my complete satisfaction. I recommend this store, especially the articles, price-performance ratio and the good customer service.

Best Sex Dolls To Buy In 2024

165cm ( 5.41ft ) Big Breast Chubby Big Ass Sex Doll F19110806 Constance

I’m so satisfied with this purchase. This is worth the money, this is a quality toy. You can easily dress it no problem and the boobs feel great 10/10. Thank you so much to this seller again for all there help and the amazing product.!!

168cm ( 5.51ft ) Big Breast Muscular Sex Doll F19110808 Casandra

The site is well designed and easy to use, the dolls are well represented, communication is friendly and fast, important details are provided, delivery was well organized, the doll is very beautiful, you could spend all day looking at it.